5 fun gadgets for both in the office and out

The tech world is always on the move, and it can be difficult to keep track of all the cool new gadgets that are out there. Things move fast so here is a quick list of 5 fun products that your business and employees can enjoy both in the office and in out!


Flapit is a super cool new gadget for your growing business and it’s social media success. Your social media achievements are on display for your customers and the rest of the world to see. With a retro feel due to the analog style numbers and display, think of this like a awesome badge of honour for your business to wear while you grow in popularity. Its simple to use as all you have to do is connect it with your phone or computer and you’re good to go! It is always exciting to see growth, but Flapit allows you to share that excitement with everyone around you!

Mophie Space Pack Mophie_space_pack

Everyone who has ever owned a smartphone knows the struggle of seeing that 1% battery sign on the screen. This then sparks a mad dash to the charger in order to save its life, and if you’re on the move you might be straight out of luck. While there are countless portable chargers out there this one stands out because it is a part of the case! They’ve taken it a step further by also giving it up to 64GB of built-in storage capacity. If you’re looking for an all in one fix for both protecting your phone from damage and get a full extra battery, plus storage, then this is the tool for you!

LaCie Petitekey USB drive

The LaCie Petitekey gives a new spin on the classic USB key. While having a cool key like look, it comes in sizes ranging from 8GB all the way to 32GB to hold even your biggest files. Moreover its waterproof design will protect it from spills or whatever other liquid damage could occur. Its scratch proof casing will also protect it if you leave it on your key ring or loose in your pocket. This might just become the key to your success.

TrackR StickR

If you are someone who has a tough time keeping track of your keys or wallet, then keep reading. The TrackR StickR is a small quarter-sized device that you can attach to just about any item you want. Just download the accompanying app and you can locate your missing items in a matter of seconds. It either sets off an alarm or you can use the distance locater and you’ll never lose your keys again!

Pebble Time

In a world full of smartwatches it can be difficult to find a quality one that is also reasonably affordable, so we did the looking for you. Enter the Pebble Time. It not only has 7 days of battery life so you basically never need to worry about forgetting to charge it, but its timeline interface allows you to focus on the things you really care about. Can be paired with iPhones and Androids alike, and if you forget to take it off when you hop in the shower have no fear, it’s waterproof as well. This is sure to become your new favourite toy.