9 important factors that will increase your productivity

Teach yourself to be productive. Nothing is more valuable than mental workouts that increase your ability to work, focus and be productive. Ready to start? These 9 important tips, written by Mike Renahan on Hubspot, are your benchmark.

Physical activities
The body and mind go hand in hand, which is why the regularity of physical activities is closely linked to our entire mental system. Forget the physical benefits, exercise strengthens your concentration skills and brain functionality.
It’s important to keep daily goals. Visualize the outcome before you even set your action plan and remember it! If necessary, take measures to make it more likely to meet your goals. Goals, above all, are our driving force behind motivation and dreams!
Everything is limited, even our willpower, so it’s important to find the right balance in our tasks. How well do you know yourself? When is the best time for you to work? How do you prioritize your tasks? Your skills are important, use them appropriately.
How much time do you devote to that one skill you want to master? Repetition is, indeed, a good teacher – productivity and results kick in when you’re serious about your plans and goals.
Meditation is not only trendy, but it’s also very useful and can add new layers to your willpower! People practicing meditation are considered calm and more focused with improved levels of productivity and overall work performance.
Eat. Eat healthily and heartily to maintain energy and eliminate any setbacks! Every task is too hard to complete when hungry!
People who smile are happy. Period. By the way, studies show that a smile is also a sign of success and optimism. So, smile!
“A good night’s rest supplies you with both the mental and physical energy to make it through the following day,” Mike notes. Give yourself a chance to recharge your batteries and get new strength to conquer the world!
Be responsible for your mind and willpower. If you can’t keep yourself up-to-date, set rules and punishments. It’s your own law and order! Remember – it’s your development that matters and you’re the one who’s accountable for it.

The original post “9 Willpower Workouts to Maximize Your Productivity” was published on Hubspot, February 20, 2016 (written by Mike Renahan)