Luxafor Flags funktioner med Teams og Outlook💡✨

Denne uges #TirsdagsTip handler om Luxafor Flags funktioner med Teams og Outlook💡✨

Vi er blevet spurgt om Luxafor Flag fungerer med Outlook – og ja, det gør det; hvis man bruger Teams. Det er nemlig sådan, at din Outlook-kalender automatisk synkroniseres med din Teams-kalender (hvis du er logget ind med samme konto). Luxafor Flag følger din status i Teams, som ændrer sig, alt efter om du er i opkald, optaget i et møde eller ledig. Derfor vil din tilknyttede Luxafor Flag vise rødt eller grønt afhængig af, om du er blokeret i din Outlook-kalender 📅 #LuxaforDK #LuxaforogOutlook #busylight #arbejdsdagudenafbrydelser #arbejdfokuseret #arbejdsmiljø

Svært ved at holde koncentrationen?

Det er igen blevet tirsdag, og dermed er det tid til et: TIRSDAGS-TIP 💡

Svært ved at holde koncentrationen?

Det kan være svært at holde koncentrationen intenst hele dagen, når man arbejder hjemme. Det kan bl.a. være fordi, man ikke får de naturlige pauser, som man ellers ville få på kontoret, når man f.eks. lige skal hente en kop kaffe eller printe noget ud ☕️
Det er her denne uges Tirsdags-Tip kommer ind i billedet! Pomodoro-timeren kan hjælpe dig med at huske at holde pauser. Du kan selv sætte tidsintervallerne, og hvor lange pauser du trænger til – måske skal du lige ud og have noget frisk luft i pausen? 🌤 #LuxaforDK #koncentration #forblivfokuseret #produktivarbejdsdag

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Freedom From Wires With Luxafor Bluetooth

The hazards of a tangled office

The modern office grinds to a standstill without electricity. From computers to printers to office radios, almost everything plugs into an electrical outlet for power, which means the average office can be a maze of electrical cords. Turns out there is an estimated 400 million meters of exposed cabling in UK workplaces alone.

Did you know, that, according to the British Council for Offices (BCO), the average workstation size has shrunk by 2sqm since 2009, yet the power requirement has remained constant at 200-250w per workstation?


Luxafor introduces IFTTT integration

Good news for everyone, especially to those who were waiting patiently for an IFTTT integration with Luxafor.

We are proud to announce that we have finalized our latest Luxafor software update.
With our users and there requests in mind now you can connect Luxafor with countless other applications like Google Calendar, Slack, Office 365.

Download our latest software update:


1.Open the IFTTT tab in the luxafor software.


2.Copy your unique Luxafor ID.


3.Press the “Go to IFTTT” button.


4.Press on “Connect” button.


5.Paste your Luxafor ID in the text field and press connect.


6.Check if your Luxafor device is connected under “Settings”.


7.Then on Luxafor page – choose one from existing Applets or create your own applet.



1.Open and click on “New Applet” button.


2.Click on the +THIS button to choose a service from which you want to receive information.


3.For this example, let’s connect Luxafor with Twitter. Choose service and press connect, then authorize the app.


4.Choose a trigger. For this example, we will receive notification on Luxafor when someone mentions us on Twitter so we can respond in a timely manner.


5.Choose action, by clicking on the +THAT button.


6. Find Luxafor in the search field.


7. Choose your desired action. For this example, we will choose Pattern.


8. Choose a pattern from the list and press “Create action”


9. Review and press “Finish”


10. Enjoy!:)

For any questions, feedback or comments, please contact Luxafor support at