How Microclimate Affects Your Productivity

The linkage between productivity and microclimate

Ever wondered how the environmental conditions affect your quality of work?

You probably have felt a bit chilly or too hot in your workspace at times. Or noticed dry, itchy skin or eyes, even a runny nose after a long day at the office. Maybe your allergies are flaring up more often in your office than outdoors…

All of these situations are caused by one major problem – inappropriate microclimate in your workspace.

Environmental conditions such as temperature, air quality, humidity, lighting and noise levels all contribute to your overall well being.

Consequently, every time your body has to adapt to external irritants, it has less energy to spare on making you productive.

The real costs of inappropriate work environment

Most of us never wonder about large-scale improvement needed and start to spend money on medication, hand creams, eye drops, personal heaters/ fans, jackets etc. to use in the workspace in order to “solve” the noted problems.

But did you know that, according to research, these temporary solutions are causing money losses of approximately $6,500 per person per year? This does not include the other potential health risks and undue sick leave.

Another study shows even more dramatic results – while many employees feel sick, they still attend their workplace. This way they make the microclimate more inefficient to others.  Working while ill, called The impact of ” presenteeism”, has been shown to cost $150 billion in lost productivity for companies in a US study.

On the other hand, sickness absence can cause money and productivity loss for companies as well. Confederation of British Industry informs that in 2009, sickness absence cost the UK economy £16.8bn.

Just imagine how you and your team will feel continuing to work in such risky conditions for your health. Not to mention how much money you could potentially lose within the next ten years.

Measure to Improve

These findings suggest that improving the quality of the indoor environment is an important focus for organizations seeking to boost employee well-being and performance.

Here at Luxafor, we have also struggled with the same issues (Including The Lazy Hour phenomena), caused by inappropriate microclimate.

Realising that we won’t be able to improve this situation without properly measuring every aspect of the problem, we started to work hard on a solution that will put your waste of time, effort and money spent on temporary fixes to an end.

That’s how we came up with our new productivity tool Luxafor Meteo. It is a monitor which measures the levels of 5 the most important Environmental Quality Indicators in your workspace. With this new gadget, you will gain the data needed to improve the quality of the microclimate. That will undoubtedly lead to higher productivity levels, reducing your medical costs and company money loss.

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