Roundup No. 8: Ultimate productivity guidelines, night-owl success and importance of mindfulness

Personal productivity: Optimize your body to reach peak performance consistently

When you wish to achieve great productivity, you have to think about your body as well. Physiology is one of the fundamentals that can give you energy to work at your best and become the best version of yourself.  This article offers science-backed concepts that can improve the way you work on the most fundamental level.

Here is why night-owls are the better entrepreneurs

Good news for all those night-owls out there. Studies have proved that those who burn the midnight oil are more professionally successful. And no wonder as there are several reasons why working at night can be more productive. One of them being that it eliminates distractions like interruptions from colleagues or family.

Is Doing Nothing the Key to Productivity?

The digital age we live in is full with constant distractions, ever-increasing demands to perform well and get as much done as possible as quickly as possible. It’s exhausting and can not only worsen the performance but also bring you health issues. That’s why mindfulness is more important than ever. To be mindful is to be aware of the present and of your surroundings. LivePlan article provides you with details on mindfulness and it’s part in becoming more productive.

Take A Vacation: It Boosts Your Productivity And Reduces Stress

Rest can do wonders on your productivity and creativity. The problem is it might seem that it is never a good time to take a vacation. There is always that one more project, one more task. Check out this article to remind yourself why it is important to take a break and to learn tips on how to take advantage of your vacation to the fullest.

10 Habits That Help You Learn Twice as Fast

Nowadays constant change is inevitable, that’s why being able to learn fast is one of the best ways to stay competitive in the age of technological advances. Good news are that everyone can incorporate habits that help to learn twice as fast. These habits include speed reading, setting up certain learning environment, taking notes, combining learning modalities, etc. Here you can find these and other tips to develop your skills and learning speed.

A Method To x100 Your Productivity

Not every method to improve productivity will work for everyone. But there are certain guidelines that can give you a boost. A method to x100 your productivity can give you ideas on what is important in pursuing high efficiency. For example you can try the  90/90/1 rule that for 90 days challenges you to spend the first 90 minutes of your workday on your single most game-changing opportunity. Learn more on how this can boost your productivity here.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett And Oprah All Use The 5-Hour Rule

Many great leaders have something in common. Every week they set aside time for deliberate practice or learning. This can be called as “5-hour rule”. In this time they read, reflect and experiment to always develop their skills. Inc article provides an insight on why we should implement this rule and how it can give us advantage over competitors.