The new method that will help you accomplish all of your daily to-dos

To do list tips

To use your work hours efficiently, you have to consider the best ways to get organized and manage your daily tasks and projects.

Mike Renahan, a HubSpot sales blogger, offers an interesting method for how to deal with your to-dos. It’s called the “impact vs. effort analysis.” This method lets you easily estimate which of your tasks requires the most immediate impact in the shortest period of time. Continue reading for a short guide on how the “impact vs. effort” analysis works.

First of all, you should create your to-do list of the day. When you write down your to-dos, arrange them in two columns based on the level of impact and effort of your tasks. This way you’ll be able to measure which are the most important tasks and divide them into four groups: high impact, low effort tasks; high impact, high effort tasks; low effort, low impact tasks; and low impact, high effort tasks.

  1. Start by performing high impact, low effort tasks because getting these out of the way will ensure that you can easily accomplish your largest, but semi-urgent, high impact and high effort tasks.
  2. Next, get your high impact, high effort tasks done as these are the hardest tasks that require much concentration and take a lot of time to be performed.
  3. Afterwards, continue with low effort and low impact tasks such as emails, meetings, etc. that aren’t urgent and don’t require much energy.
  4. Finally, take care of your low impact, high effort tasks as these aren’t urgent, don’t appear every day, but take a time to do.

“By doing this, you will achieve these goals over time without losing the necessary energy to make a high impact every day.” Mike Renahan, HubSpot Blogs

The original post “The Two-Minute Test That’ll Help You Prioritize Your Tasks” was published on HubSpot Blogs, January 24, 2016 (written by Mike Renahan)