What do you think – are you a great leader?

A leader is someone who inspires others to think big. Someone who can build a great team, lead it, and bring it towards success in accordance with their mission and vision. To understand how effective you are as a leader, Nicole Fallon Taylor has raised three important questions to ask yourself in her article on Business News Daily:

“What am I doing to empower people?” How do you influence your employees and how do you empower them to not lose their motivation, work well, and reach their goals? As stated in Taylor’s article, to keep your team engaged and happy, be honest with your employees and don’t hide any information, even if it doesn’t seem relevant.

“How am I affecting my employees’ experience?” S. Chris Edmonds, founder and CEO of The Purposeful Culture Group, says that to make employees engaged with the company, they have to feel like they’re respected and that you rely on them. Every leader must analyse their employee’s performance, confidence, satisfaction, proactivity, and many other aspects to understand if they are on track. This also helps leaders learn about improvements needed in the work environment and think about directions for further strategy.

“What is my end goal, and how do I get there?” Consider which tasks affect the growth of the company and bring greater accomplishments. Make sure you’re not wasting precious time on small and unimportant tasks that can easily be handled by someone else on your team.

The original post “Are You an Effective Leader? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself” was published on Business News Daily, February 26, 2016 (written by Nicole Fallon Taylor)